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Work Related Learning

This is a core area of study for pupils in Key Stages 4 and 5 – Years 10 to 14. It ranges from classroom-based lessons on skills for the workplace to CV writing to work experience.

The classroom- based sessions are grouped according to ability level and focus on the skills relevant to the group. This may be self-help skills for some and interacting with customers and time management  for others. Pupils will often have projects to plan and carry out and these are supported and assessed by the teachers, and accredited by external organisations.

Pupils may also have the opportunity to carry out work experience in a variety of settings at a range of levels. This includes work in urban farms, retail work as well as school-based work experience. Work related learning is very useful in developing skills relevant to particular career paths that a pupil may have. But, more importantly, it raises pupils’ confidence, encourages them to interact with others and provides them with general skills to use in their adult lives.