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Life Skills


Life Skills is an important part of the curriculum at Hillingdon Manor. It is in these lessons that pupils are taught the necessary skills to be able to leave school as a confident, independent citizens. Life Skills enables us to work towards outcomes that are outlined in pupils’ Educational and Health Care Plans (EHCP) and properly prepare pupils for their eventual graduation from school. This may involve studying in the classroom or being out in the community.

Life Skills typically begins at Key Stage 4, but some pupils are introduced to the subject at Key Stage 3 where a need has been identified. Pupils that take Life Skills work towards achieving a qualification from the National Open College Network (NOCN).

The following list includes just some of the important topics covered:


Travel Training

Pupils are taught how to use public transport independently, plan routes and deal with disruptions to their journey.


Road Safety

Pupils are taught how to navigate busy roads and socially accepted standards of behaviour when on the road.


Sex and Relationships

Pupils are taught about sexual health, the law regarding sexual relationships and their responsibilities when holding healthy, adult relationships with other people. This includes teaching an understanding of acceptable codes of behaviour in different settings.


Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Pupils explore the impact of drugs and alcohol on society, the law regarding consumption and the impact of usage on personal health.


Money Handling and Finance

Pupils are taught how to use money to spend and the concept of saving. Pupils will explore how to manage their own finances and the concept of value.


Job Seeking

Pupils learn about creating CVs, interviewing skills and codes of conduct in the workplace.



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