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Key Stage 3

In KS3 pupils follow the National Curriculum tailored to suit their individual needs. Pupils are taught to explore a range of primary and secondary sources to expand their understanding of historical events and how they have shaped our everyday lives. History also serves as an additional avenue to develop literacy skills.

The curriculum aims to cover a wide range of history from both Britain and abroad. These include slavery, the Norman conquest, the industrial revolution., the life of Adolf Hitler, the Holocaust, the Anglo-Saxons, the British Empire, the Aztecs and the Native Americans. The curriculum also allows for several school trips throughout the year, including excursions to the Imperial War Museum, the Golden Hinde and Cadbury’s World.



At KS4 History is an elective subject and, if chosen, pupils will follow the AQA GCSE History course (8145). As of September 2016, History is assessed through two examinations at the conclusion of the course which will form 100% of the pupils’ overall grade. The course is typically delivered over two-years, but pupils have the option of a third year if they would like extra time to improve their grade.

The course content is flexible depending on pupils’ interests. There is a choice of four period studies, each with a focus on two key developments in a country’s history over at least a 50-year period. There is a choice of five wider world depth studies. These focus on international conflict and tension. There is a choice of three thematic studies, which look at key developments in Britain over a long period. Finally, there is a choice of four British depth studies incorporating the study of a specific historic environment.



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