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Key Stage 3

The English curriculum taught at KS3 follows the National Curriculum differentiated according to pupil ability. Each class follows a tailored scheme of work to match the academic level of that class and provide the necessary support for associated learning difficulties that may present as part of their autism. The English curriculum is divided into two strands depending on the needs of the class, these are ICLSD strand and the Rising Stars strand.



At the intensive communication level, pupils are taught foundational reading and writing skills through a curriculum that has been designed by teachers with input from speech and language therapists. Pupils are taught to respond to a range of fiction and non-fiction texts through a multi-sensory approach that aims to engage and develop core literacy skills.


Rising Stars

At the National Curriculum level pupils follow the Rising Stars programme, where they are taught to respond to, analyse and critique a range of fiction and non-fiction literature and are taught the necessary skills to write creatively in multiple scenarios. At the heart of the curriculum we aim to instil a love of reading and prepare pupils adequately for the transition to English at KS4.


Key Stage 4 & 5

At KS4 & 5 we offer a range of courses to match the abilities of our pupils. We currently deliver GCSE, Functional Skills and Entry Level courses.



The current GCSE course followed from September 2016 is AQA GCSE English Language (8700). It is typically a two-year course though can be delivered over three. The course develops pupils’ ability to understand authors’ craft and the capability to produce meaningful, purposeful texts that demonstrate flair and creativity. The course is assessed through two examinations held at the conclusion of the programme in June which makes up 100% of their overall grade.



Where pupils are not ready to take on the demands of a GCSE course, we offer the AQA Step up to English Entry Level Certificate (ELC). The course is designed to give pupils the necessary skills that are required to access an English GCSE. The course is assessed internally by test and is moderated externally by the AQA.


Functional Skills

The Functional Skills course followed is EdExcel Functional English, which is offered at Level 1 and Level 2. The course is designed to give pupils practical English skills to prepare them for life outside school and is assessed externally via online test.



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