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Dance at Hillingdon Manor is a practical subject aimed at improving the confidence, motor skills and social skills of our young learners as well as providing a therapeutic medium to develop and express emotions in a healthy positive way. Dance helps to alleviate the pressure of academic subjects and is a time where students have the opportunity to release tension and express themselves in a variety of ways. The subject is always working toward performances that access mainstream society, providing learners with experiences where they can represent the individuality of their autism in a way that promotes social cohesion and breaks down barriers between mainstream and SEN society.

We aim to teach our learners to understand that progress and development only comes with hard work. This creates a positive yet disciplined ethos in lessons when working toward an end result, ensuring that a certain ability level is reached. This in turn helps to reduce the stigmatism that those on the spectrum are less able than others, developing confidence as they grow to face challenges.

o2Dance has grown in the last four years from a handful of students at an after school club to a full time curriculum subject with a few dozen students and a number of notable achievements to date:

• Annual performances at Autism’s Got Talent, founded by the Anna Kennedy foundation, the biggest showcase of autistic talent throughout the country.

• Flash-mob performed on behalf of British Red Cross Make Your Move competition and raised over £1500 for charity.

• Recorded 3 music videos

• Performing arts scholarships with Pineapple performing arts studios

• Step in the right direction autism awareness dvd• Workshops with world renowned musical dance theatre show – Stomp

• Guest performance at the national finals of Dance Make Your Move at the O2 arena in London

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