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Key Stage 3

Adapted National Curriculum

At Key Stage 3 all of our pupils access the national curriculum although some may do so at stages lower than typical for their year group.  All lessons are differentiated to meet individual pupils’ needs and we adapt learning activities to ensure everyone is able to achieve their potential. We are currently developing our schemes of work to ensure children not only gain the skills they need to progress academically but enjoy this creative and ever changing subject area.  All pupils will cover the three key areas outlined in the national curriculum: digital literacy, information technology and computer science.


Key Stage 4-5

Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science

At Key Stages 4-5 we offer the Cambridge IGCSE in computer science to those who will be able to meet the demands of the course. This is a hugely creative and rewarding subject and provides an academically challenging qualification which appeals to the interests and aspirations of many of our pupils. Pupils learn about a wide range of concepts and skills that are central to understanding of and employment within digital industries.

Assessment is through two exam papers which are sat in late May and make up 100% of the assessment of the course. The first of these papers focuses on skills such as using binary and understanding of key concepts of computer science. The second paper focuses on designing algorithms, computer programming and problem solving.


Edexcel Functional Skills ICT

For those pupils who require more practical day to day digital literacy we provided Edexcel qualifications in ICT Functional Skills.  Depending on an individual student’s ability level we can offer Entry Levels 1, 2 and 3 for basic computer users and Levels 1 and 2 for more advanced users.  The various levels of qualification are progressive so many of our students will achieve a pass at a lower level and progress onto the next level, building on existing skills.  Students will learn how to use a range of common place applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, e-mail, internet, layout software and databases.  In addition to this they will learn about digital security and health and safety issues surrounding the use of computers and other technology.


Assessment at all levels is through a practical examination where pupils are given a scenario and asked to use their ICT skills to achieve specific tasks. These practical examinations result in a pass or fail and can be booked on demand so we are able to put pupils forward as soon as they feel ready and confident at their current level.

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