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Welcome to the Hillingdon Manor secondary site. Our site is located across two buildings where we have provision for Year 7 up to Year 14.


Key stage 3

Our curriculum approach enables all students to be taught in a way which optimises their learning and is relevant and meaningful to them. All students work at their own level through individualised teaching strategies and differentiated lessons based on the expectations of the National Curriculum. Key Stage 3 teachers aim to ensure that a sound basis is developed for all pupils with different profiles of ability and performance in different areas. This prepares our pupils for the coming years of gaining qualifications and accreditation. We strive to develop an in depth knowledge of each pupil’s profile of ability so that the school is well placed to develop strengths and maximise potential.


Key Stage 4 & 5

Our secondary curriculum offers excellent educational opportunities for national accreditation. We provide effective support for the individual learning needs of our pupils so that they can access a range of certificated subjects. We also deliver a range of vocational and life skills subjects, including work experience, to prepare pupils for life beyond school.

Accreditation available to learners at Hillingdon Manor School includes GCSEs, Entry Level qualifications and certificates/awards/diplomas in line with the National Qualifications Framework.

For a full list of the subjects that we deliver, click here.