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Welcome to our Secondary site

Welcome to the Hillingdon Manor secondary site. Our site is located across two buildings where we have provision for Year 7 up to Year 14.

Key stage 3

Our curriculum approach enables all pupils to be taught in a way which optimises their learning and is relevant and meaningful to them. All pupils work at their own level through individualised teaching strategies and differentiated lessons based on the expectations of the National Curriculum. Key Stage 3 teachers aim to ensure that a sound basis is developed for all pupils with different profiles of ability and performance in different areas. This prepares our pupils for the coming years of gaining qualifications and accreditation. We strive to develop an in depth knowledge of each pupil’s profile of ability so that the school is well placed to develop strengths and maximise potential.

Key Stage 4 & 5

Our secondary curriculum offers excellent educational opportunities for national accreditation. We provide effective support for the individual learning needs of our pupils so that they can access a range of certificated subjects. We also deliver a range of vocational and life skills subjects, including work experience, to prepare pupils for life beyond school.
Accreditation available to learners at Hillingdon Manor School includes GCSEs, Entry Level qualifications and certificates/awards/diplomas in line with the National Qualifications Framework.

The Semi-Formal Curriculum at key Stage 3

The semi-formal curriculum at Hillingdon Manor School is for children and young people with severe learning difficulties. Our rationale is based on the extensive research of respected educationalists in the world of SEN including Peter Imray, Penny Lacey and Barry Carpenter, the SEND code of practice, the national curriculum and the recommendations of the Rochford review (October 2016). The term ‘Semi-Formal Curriculum’ was first coined by Whitefield Academy Trust (2011), our lead teaching school for Initial Teacher Training. The semi-formal curriculum recognises that many of the young people have a range of complex learning difficulties; the curriculum is designed to meet learning needs by a personalised learning approach based on:

  • becoming literate communicators
  • becoming mathematical thinkers
  • the acquisition of early learning skills which encompasses
  • the development of thinking skills
  • play (emotional, cognition and social dimensions)
  • creative learning
  • movement

Our Semi-Formal curriculum has its own curriculum areas, which are different to, but encompass the subjects on the UK National Curriculum: My Communication, My Thinking, Myself and My Body, The World About Me, Me and My Community, My Creativity, My Play & Leisure Skills, My Personal Development, My Forest Schools and My ICT. There are overlaps between our semi-formal curriculum areas and subjects on the UK National Curriculum. However, our semi-formal curriculum areas are designed to offer something totally distinct, to directly address SLD learning need, rather than an adaptation of the national curriculum in any form.

The Semi Formal Curriculum at Key Stage 4 & 5

Pupils in Key Stage 4 & 5 following the Semi-Formal Curriculum begin the Equals Moving On 14+ programs of study.

Moving On offers an easy-to-use, flexible, all-inclusive curriculum with national accreditation for pupils aged 14+ years who experience difficulties in learning. Moving On is structured in five, one-year programmes; Adventurer, Explorer, Traveller, Voyager and Globetrotter. The Programmes incorporate subject areas taken from three Courses of Study; World Studies, Independent Living and Vocational Skills. These can be taught in any order or combined and are supported by Functional Skills and Literacy and Numeracy programmes. By covering all five Programmes a student would complete a broad and balanced curriculum during their post-14 education. At Hillingdon Manor School we have created a 5 year route planner, working across all 5 programmes throughout each year; though there is a heavier emphasis on the Globetrotter Programme for year 14, as the units are largely around transition and moving on to new placements.

The Formal Curriculum at Key Stage 3

Pupils following the formal curriculum pathway in Key Stage 3 access the national curriculum adapted to meet their individual needs. Pupils’ access maths and English in ability specific groups and all other areas of the curriculum are studied in consistent form groups with familiar peers and support staff. Form groups are created based on a combination of: academic ability, national curriculum year group and social and emotional needs. Although pupils’ classes following the formal pathway are able to access the national curriculum through subject specific learning, many are working below their age expected attainment therefore many are working towards Key Stage 2 outcomes. Once pupils have reached stage 6 secure (End of year six expected attainment) pupils move on to follow the KS3 National curriculum and begin to work towards pre-GCSE outcomes. Form tutors deliver: maths, English, Humanities, PSHCE and RE. Specialist subject teachers deliver: Science, D&T, art, computing, music, drama and physical education. Pupils are given provided a broad and balance curriculum aimed at preparing them for undertaking appropriate qualifications after KS3 and being able to make an informed choice about which subjects they will choose to pursue at GCSE or BTEC level.

The Formal Curriculum at Key Stage 4&5

The formal curriculum at Key Stage 4 and 5 aims to provide our pupils with the opportunities to access certifications with great flexibility in terms of the time they are allotted to complete a course. Whereas a typical student in a maintained placement would be expected to complete GCSE courses in Year 11 after two years of study, our pupils are given the opportunity to extend their course length or resit GCSEs in order to achieve a higher or preferable grades. In addition, the amount of GCSE courses on a student’s timetable will vary depend on the needs of the student. Some pupils may elect to take on five GCSE subjects in a single year, which we can offer, whereas others may prefer to break this up over a three or four year period.

GCSE Courses On Offer

  • AQA English Language/Literature
  • Edexcel Mathematics (Foundation and Higher)
  • AQA Science · AQA Food Technology (Hospitality and Catering)
  • AQA Design Technology (Resistant Materials)
  • CIE IGCSE Computer Science
  • AQA History
  • AQA Geography
  • AQA Art and Design
  • AQA Psychology (Single Unit Award)
  • AQA Media Studies (Single Unit Award)

For pupils that are unable to access a GCSE upon entry, we offer Entry Level Certificates (ELC) for core curriculum subjects. These courses are used as a ‘step-up’ to GCSE level work.

ELC Courses On Offer

  • AQA Step Up To English ELC (Silver and Gold Award)
  • Edexcel Maths ELC
  • AQA Science ELC

In addition to the above certifications, we also offer functional skills courses. These are designed to teach skills that are applicable to practical life skills and are less intense in content than what is taught in a GCSE and operate on a pass-fail system.

Functional Skills Courses On Offer

  • Edexcel Functional English (Level 1/2)
  • Edexcel Functional Mathematics (Level 1/2)
  • Edexcel Functional ICT (Entry Level 3, Level 1/2)

We also offer a range of BTEC and NCFE courses, such as:

  • BTEC Money and Finance
  • BTEC Sport
  • BTEC Food Technology
  • BTEC Jamie Oliver
  • BTEC Performing Arts

Work Experience For pupils that wish to gain the skills to move on to work, we offer flexibility in our curriculum for work experience to be embedded into student timetables. Work experience is typically offered to Key Stage 5 pupils and is taken on a case-by-case basis.

The School day

  • 9.15-9.45 – Form Time
  • 9.45-10.35 – Lesson 1
  • 10.35-10.50 – Break
  • 10.50-11.40 – Lesson 2
  • 11.40-12.30 – Lesson 3
  • 12.30-1.30 – Lunch
  • 1.30-2.00 – Form Time
  • 2.00-2.50 – Lesson 4
  • 2.50-3.40 – Lesson 5
  • 3.40-3.45 – Home Time

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