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5th June, 2014

Your newly elected PTA Committee has been busy developing the details for a very productive and exciting year aimed at enhancing the educational and recreational environment for all of our students.

In order to be successful, we will need the support and involvement of the parents of our students and staff at Hillingdon Manor.

The first way to show your support will be to participate in the numerous initiatives, which we have planned for the coming year.  

This year we hope to revitalise the Hillingdon Manor PTA. We hope to move away from the traditional PTA model.  This may work extremely well for many schools but for a school as unique as Hillingdon Manor the model does not fit for logistical reasons.   It is near impossible to expect a high level of attendance and participation from parents for events when we are spread over so many Boroughs of London. 

Our first task is to register the Hillingdon Manor PTA as a charity.   We have already started this process.   Initially we will have registered as a not for profit bank status and registered with the HMRC to claim gift aid on donations.   The key to being able to register as a charity is to have the ability to demonstrate an income of £5000 per annum.   We have come up with an idea in order to achieve this.   Let us explain….

Our aims for the Hillingdon Manor PTA is to provide benefits to the children at both sites by providing practical assistance and support to the children.   We are applying for many grants for essential equipment, such as buses, play equipment, art projects, garden’s, and art therapy amongst just a few. 


We hope to provide short breaks for the children, i.e instead of a traditional Christmas fayre we would offer each class the opportunity of sitting together and coming up with their own idea for their Christmas treat.   We hope to provide this service numerous times a year for the students to work together and agree on an outing or in house break just for fun.  

We would also like to provide the school with a service of not having to request additional funds from parents for school organised outings.  This would negate the need for parents to supply funds for desserts, spending funds or top ups for school trips.   We would like to do away with Christmas Fayres, cake sales etc. and move into a new way of supporting the children of the school in a more direct way.

We feel that if parents had the opportunity to contribute via direct debit monthly to the PTA this would cease the need for requests for financial contributions.   We would like to ask parents to contribute a minimum of £5.00 per month via direct debit with no upper limit.  With the addition of gift aid this will really help with the start up of the charity.  We hope to facilitate this as quickly as possible and have this in place for the start of Autumn term 2014

We also hope to set up an ebay charity shop starting is September 2014.   Each week we would ask parents to send in unwanted household items, toys, sellable clothing, electricals etc.  Drop off will be on a Monday to either site.  This will also run alongside the children’s Grangetown charity shop, unwanted items from Grangetown can be donated to the Ebay shop.   

When this is achieved register the charity and commence work on bigger projects.  We hope to make a direct impact on the educational experiences of each and every pupil. 

Kind regards

Val Hall Chair

Clare Sandilands Treasurer