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The Creative Learning Journey

 The Creative Learning Journey is an innovative purposeful curriculum for all Primary Schools, designed to enable schools to develop an original exciting and creative curriculum to re-ignite children’s learning. 

We focus on a combination of personal learning skills and knowledge for children combined with innovative and exciting ways to learn with on-line resources, Thematic Wheels, School Planning, Pupil Assessment that help us to map out our own imaginative curriculum, identify individual skills, create cross curricular links, plan and assess in detail to deliver a valuable personalised curriculum to meet individual, school and community needs.

  • The cross curricular links can be made from the CLJ’s topic wheels approach helping children to make connections with their learning. Use existing, and create further, cross-curricular themes within 6 areas of learning rather than as more disjointed discrete subjects.

  • Access skills and knowledge that promotes progression and cohesion throughout the school, links all the skills directly to the National Curriculum, and automatically tracks both the skills and the National Curriculum.

  • Promote the principles and values of Excellence and Enjoyment, Every Child Matters and SEAL as well as supporting the development of Community Cohesion and Global Citizenship.


The Creative Learning Journey gives us the confidence to take a more thematic approach to our curriculum with the rigour focused on the development of learning skills. With the added value of developing personal and social skills, allowing for collaborative work; allowing children to help each other to learn and to work together to refine and develop their ideas. 

The curriculum is a suggested framework of half termly topic wheels to support teachers, which covers each primary school year group fully mapped to the national curriculum requirements leaving you with peace of mind over statutory coverage. It provides a solution that is ready made but flexible and adaptable to meet the needs and contexts of all learners. 

 Our topics this year:

Marvellous Me

Britain in the past (The Victorians)

Earth, the Moon and beyond

Pirates, heroes and wild things

Water, rivers and the deep blue seas

Around the World in 80 days