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Our Values


  • We will continually strive to provide the highest quality care and education, utilising best practice alongside our own innovative and robust evidence based models and clinical practices.


  • Our service and support offer a holistic approach, which is unique and tailor made to fit a pupil’s need. We don’t do “off the shelf” provision


  • We demonstrate genuine care and affection for the individual and we are highly motivated by our ability to make a child’s life better and more fulfilling.


    Hillingdon Manor School actively promotes British Values of democracy, rule of law, and the rights of the

    individual in the context of the tolerant and diverse society of modern Britain. We ensure that respect for both

    criminal and civil law are embedded in the curriculum and explicitly taught as part of the life skill of

    distinguishing right from wrong. Hillingdon Manor School promotes principles which provide students with a

    broad general knowledge of public services, public institutions and the voluntary sector in England.