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New Kitchen

15th August, 2013

Work is now under way for a new teaching kitchen at Yiewsley Grange. This kitchen will be an area for both primary and secondary pupils and will be ready in time for the 2013/14 academic year.

At present, primary schools only have to give basic lessons around food preparation and hygiene. From September 2014, practical cooking will be part of the new primary national curriculum. In preparation for this, we have decided to build a new kitchen on the primary site. The kitchen will be located on the site of the current vegetable garden. Unfortunately we were unable to grow any vegetables here this year due to preparatory work for the new building. We plan to have the new vegetable area adjacent to the new kitchen building giving the pupils easy access to the vegetables for cooking. Teachers will be encouraged to avail of the kitchen throughout the year with cooking to become a part of the weekly timetable in 2014/15.