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Admissions and Referral Process

Criteria for Admission to Hillingdon Manor School

  • The child’s needs should arise out of their autistic spectrum Conditions, and some other related pervasive developmental disorders.
  • The child will have an Education Health Care Plan which documents a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Conditions, issued by their Local Authority.
  • The Local Authority will accept financial responsibility for the pupil’s education at Hillingdon Manor School.
  • The child will have the commitment and support of their parents/carers to the educational approach used at Hillingdon Manor School through parents agreeing to the home/school contract.
  • The school is suitable for the child’s age, ability and aptitude.
  • The child’s attendance at school would be compatible with the provision of efficient education for the children with whom the child would be educated.
  • The attendance of the child at the school would be compatible with the efficient use of school resources.
  • Admissions are made on the basis of availability of placements, taking into account the above factors, plus a child’s level of functioning, learning difficulties and age.

Procedures for Admission of Pupils

Parents may visit the school on designated open mornings.

The most effective route for admission to HMS is when parents and the Local Authority agree that HMS may be an appropriate placement for a child and a joint application is made for assessment.

This involves the Local Authority contacting the school to request an assessment to determine whether HMS would be an appropriate placement for the child.

The child and parents would then attend an Initial Contact Meeting at the school. The parent would bring a copy of the most recent reports (where possible) from the previous education provider to inform the meeting.

The school will then offer an assessment process, which is tailored to the young person’s individual needs. Following this assessment, the school’s referral and assessment team will meet to review the assessment. The Local Authority and parents will then be notified of the outcome of assessment via an assessment report.

If the school decides that it can meet the child’s Special Educational Needs and there is a suitable place available, the Local Authority will be asked to confirm that it accepts financial responsibility for the placement for the admission process to continue.

Following confirmation that the Local Authority will accept financial responsibility for the placement, a Transition Plan is developed by HMS in consultation with the child’s parents, current school staff and other relevant professionals.  Transition Plans are tailored to the individual needs of the pupil and include social stories to prepare the child for new routines and staff. A start date will be mutually agreed with HMS, the local authority and parents.

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