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Staying Safe Online

All pupils at Hillingdon Manor School are taught the importance of staying safe whilst using the internet. Please have a look at the video below to see what SMART surfing is all about.


Cyber Bullying

Hillingdon Manor is committed to eliminating bullying in all its forms. This includes bullying which occurs online, whether this bullying occurs during or outside of school hours. If you know that your child has been a victim of bullying through an online platform (e.g. email, social networking, instant messaging), you can pursue the matter further by completing a Bullying Report Form. This form is for all types of bullying and can be completed by anyone, including parents, carers, children, relatives, drivers and escorts. Once completed, send this form into school via mail, email or, if you prefer, hand a hard copy into reception and it will be forwarded to the relevant staff member. These forms will be used by the behaviour management team to directly address the issue and will be kept as evidence in the event of further incidents.

You can access the form by clicking here: Bullying Report Form.

Email your forms to: [email protected]

Further Information

There are a host of websites that provide support for teachers, parents and most importantly children. You can see for yourselves by clicking the icons below.

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