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About Us

Hillingdon Manor School opened in 1999 as an independent school with the aim of providing a tailored learning environment for children and young people with autism. Since opening its doors, Hillingdon Manor has continued to grow in population and now has over 190 pupils on roll.

Our school provides a setting for pupils to access an enriching curriculum, designed to enhance daily-living skills and increase life opportunities. As well as specially trained teachers, our school benefits from full-time on-site speech and language therapists and occupational therapists, with access to a range of interventions such as drama and music therapy and clinical psychology.

At the very core of our work lies a multi-disciplinary approach by which teachers and therapists are in frequent liaison. Classes are small in number with a high staff to pupil ratio. A significant number of our pupils go on to take GCSE or college courses.

We strive to support pupils grow in confidence and to develop a sense of identity through an environment that embraces uniqueness and promotes equality for all.